For the past few years, I mentored women in business, relationships and personal development.

The questions I hear again and again are “If I have done my best as a mom, as a wife, entrepreneur, sister or daughter, then why is my life such a mess? Why am I feeling completely lost?”

Society, our communities, and sometimes even our friends/family keep telling us who we’re supposed to be. They tell us how we are supposed to act and even what we are supposed to look like. They constantly remind us of the urgent need to hustle, to be more successful, and "better" than everyone else.  If we cannot, we are failures.

Those messages make us, the women who want to take control of our lives, feel drained, inadequate, tired and stressed out!  Deep inside, we know we are strong, hardworking women. Yet, sometimes we don't feel like it.  I went through it all myself and became a much stronger person in the end.  With this experience, I know I can help those in similar situations.  The lessons I learned along the way are detailed in the pages ahead.


This book will show you how to turn a mid-life crisis into a time period of self-discovery, a chance to gather your strengths, and to rise up to become the woman you were always meant to be.  Maybe you fell as if you are hiding from the world.  Maybe you feel like you were sleeping through the past few years of your life.  Whatever you have gone through, it only made you stronger.  It's time to wake up, and get back in the driver's seat.   

 Are you ready for the next chapter of your life?  Your time has come.


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