Day 10: Make Midlife Sexy (Fully Alive) No More Fear! Are you ready?

self-development May 13, 2021

Do you feel that way? Yes? No? Why?

I personally strongly disagree with this quote

And of course I’m going to tell you why

Read This!!! Original

This is my own blunt opinion and all this is written by me

Fun but False Fact: ‘Somebody from outside will come and finally make us feel whole... and will love us forever’

The Truth: ‘ We will not attract “a 100% loving us forever person” until we become that loving person who loves his or her own self first’

I’m not trying to rain on anybody’s parade here

I had to learn this hard way


Humans only match with things that match their human energy and vibration.

We only see things that are a reflection of what goes on inside ourselves

In order for us to attract that ‘100% loving me forever person’

We need to make sure that we accept our own I am 100% first

Does it make sense?

So no more waiting, instead let’s keep embracing and Loving our own dark shadows and accepting our beautiful/handsome Self fully 100% just the way we are

so we can attract a similar level of consciousness to a person who will love us forever because they loved themselves first ......


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